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a little about me


Hey! I'm Whitney!

I am so happy and thankful that you found my family and I interesting enough to make it to this page! This blog is something that I've dreamed about putting together for a long time, and it's definitely a passion project for me. A place to share my thoughts and highs and lows of my motherhood journey, and most importantly to just be real with y'all.

My life is pretty busy and I always have something going on, and to be honest, most of the time, I like it that way. I'm a wife, mother, Analyst, Vice President of the Boss Babe Network, & blogger. I really enjoy traveling and trying out things from other cultures, but I'm a Jesus girl through and through. 


I rarely answer the phone, I text back days later, can't accept a compliment to save my life and if you drop by my house it will most certainly be a mess, but the people that know me, love me through ALL of that, because I'm solid. The people in my life know, without a doubt, that I'm there for them and I think that's not something easy to come by so I'm here to offer myself to you too! Come along on my journey with me and join the fam!


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