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Our Favorite things

Here is where you can find all things shopping. We have so many generous people in our lives that are ALWAYS asking what we want and I can never come up with an answer. So, I will be updating these lists as a way for you all to have access to see all the things we are obsessing over and get gift ideas for the mama or kids in your life.



Birthday April 24th

Cameron is really into computers. He recently started collecting Funko Pops and is a proud "nerd." So his list will show lots of technology and gaming items.



Birthday March 20th

I really like to engage in self care. So most of the items you will find here are going to be health/beauty related with some random things I want but definitely don't need. 



Birthday December 30th

My Disney obsession has rubbed off on my own little princess. She loves everything princess and girly. So check her list out for the little princess in your life. 

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