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Why You Should Take Your Child on a Solo Trip

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

There are so many reasons that come to mind as I sat down to write this post. Believe me, I know those adult trips are fun and so so needed. We all need a break from the daily pressures that motherhood brings. I'm not trying to take those from you, because Lord knows I don't want them taken from me, but there are so many reasons that you should bring your kiddo.I personally have taken a lot of family trips with the kids, but this specific post is focused on the importance of solo trips with ONE of your children. So let's dive in to why.


We all know the person that's terrified to leave the country, or heck...the state for that matter, and takes more comfort than they should in being around all things familiar. Traveling and learning to navigate places and situations you've never been in is character building. There's a lot of asking for help, talking to people you otherwise wouldn't have and tasting food you never knew existed. These activities build confidence, which is obviously helpful in other areas. Fear is the stronghold that keeps you from the joy on the other side of it, and the faster that we can learn to trust ourselves, and God, we can really reach our full potential and unlock a level of happiness that others can't.


Hear me out. Self-esteem is so important and has obvious ties to confidence, but I think it's important to talk about separately. The world of social media is taking over. Filters and apps alter our appearance, and with the ability to completely choose what it is that people see of us, it can propose an unrealistic view of how other people are living. It's only human nature to compare ourselves to others, but a kid that is well traveled knows that there are so many differences in the way that people live, the way people look, and the way people think. They know that it's actually normal to be DIFFERENT, not the same. They won't feel the need to be a carbon copy of their favorite influencer, and understand that they can admire someone else without wanting to become them. Most importantly, they know that they're not any less valuable because they're different.

Cam loved the double decker buses in London. He even got to ride on the top deck of one.

Understanding Culture

Staying around the same places, with the same people, that are doing the same things, with the same mindset, seems harmless, but in reality, is so damaging to your child's growth. As a mother, it's your job to make sure that your child has a good understanding of the fact that not everyone looks like them, or has the same practices or belief system that you have as a family. It would seem that you could accomplish this on a family vacation, but in order to point out these new things, and have real discussions about them, it's important to keep distractions low. Family vacations are full of distractions. At least one adult is always stressed and there are so many conversations happening at once that the kids almost seem to be along for the ride. There aren't many meaningful conversations happening on these family vacations, at least in my experience. Family vacations have their place; they're great for bonding, making memories and capturing awesome photos, but not so much for growth and understanding of the differences that the world has to offer.


Let's face it, being a mom is STRESSFUL, but being a kid isn't easy either, and they need a break from their routine as well. Since you'll only have one kiddo with you, your mommy stress will be low. You won't have to mediate sibling arguments, deal with the constant nagging of your mental to-do list, or the added stress that your job and significant other bring you. This is a time to let them know that they're special to you, as an individual, and not just as a part of your family. After all, who wouldn't feel special if they were asked to go on a solo trip with someone they care about.

Children crave love and attention, and with the way life is set up, moms often have a lot of love, but not much time to show it. When your little one has a question or wants to talk, you'll be available. You won't have to tell them "hold on" three times just to never hear what they had to say. At home, how often do you sit down with ONE kid for a special dinner, or really take the time to go exploring together? If you're like me, its approximately close to never, and that is NOT something I like to admit. I have good intentions when I wake up, and all of these wonderful ideas I want to make a reality for us throughout the day, but the responsibilities I have at home tend to take priority. This is why a getaway is a wonderful opportunity to leave those responsibilities behind and focus on bonding with your kid one-on-one.

Kisses in front of The Louvre

Sunrise on the beach in Fort Lauderdale.


We don't have to over analyze it. Vacations are fun. The more people that you bring the more expensive it gets. Do you and your son love legos? Take him to Legoland! Why pay to bring your other children and significant other along if it's really not their thing? You and your son would have a blast geeking out together over the awesome lego structures and won't feel rushed to go do something that "everyone wants to do," which I don't even believe exists. If it's just the two of you, you could have a much better vacation for a fraction of the cost. You could go to character breakfasts and stay in a themed room instead of getting a huge Airbnb for the rest of the family to stay behind and do the same thing they would be doing at home.

Leaving footprints in the sand

Traveling is expensive but if you plan, and get creative you can afford to take a lot of little purposeful trips instead of one big one every year that's stressful and expensive. Grab your kid and take them to see the world. Allow them the opportunity to understand and see the big amazing planet that we live on and all of the wonderful people and animals they share it with.

Just my thoughts,


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